Boost Your Immune System, Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals and Make New Friends!
with our LIVE Virtual Coaching Program from Richmond, Melbourne
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 Accountability Coaching - Customized Nutrition Plan - Fun Group classes
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Fun LIVE virtual group coaching

You will have access to LIVE classes with a coach that will be here to motivate you during the workout but also correct your form if need be. Everything like a group class at the gym where you make a bunch of new friends and have fun except that the high-fives become wi-fives!  

Weekly AT-HOME weigh-ins

Your progress will be tracked weekly via before/after photos,  AT-HOME weigh-ins, and AT-HOME body fat percentage to keep you on track. We can even check on your nutrition via AT-HOME measurements.

Support, relational accountability & motivation

You will be able to contact your personal accountability coach whenever you need help, tips, advice, or just someone to give you some extra encouragement. We are here to help you succeed. They will also CHECK-IN WEEKLY to congratulate you on your success and keep you on track.

A CUSTOM nutrition program that is easy to follow

After meeting with your coach, your nutrition plan will be custom selected for YOU based on YOUR current body weight and goals.  We are also going to do a virtual tour of your fridge and cabinets. ANNNND... you'll learn how to cook via live online cooking sessions. This is super fun to do this in a group! We often eat the meals together after the cooking sessions! You’ll lose fat and boost your immune system.

Sleep & Stress Management

You'll learn breathing strategies that will heal your nervous system, reduce your cortisol levels, make you feel relaxed, help you to fall asleep, boost your white blood cell count, and therefore your immune system. MUCH needed right now, right?! 😂 We will also help create a night-time routine to improve your quality of sleep.

Mindset Coaching

We will guide you to break through your fears, your doubts, and build your mental strength to achieve your personal goals, career goals, physical goals and life goals!


Yoga is the perfect solution to get rid of back-pain or any kind of tightness. You will work on your flexibility, your breathing, your mobility and feel great in your body!

Postural Analysis

We are going to assess your posture to identify inbalances so that we can customize your program to prevent injuries and reduce aches and pain. 

Recovery Program

We will give you strategies to help you recover faster and avoid soreness :) You'll also learn how to release tension and increase blood flow using foam roller and trigger point release.

Muscle Quality Analysis

awesome way to spot imbalances/deficiencies so that you can avoid back pain.
Your spot will be reserved for...
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